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Welcome to The RKH, where former lawyer turned spiritual healer Raminder helps you unlock your full potential. With her expert guidance and healing practices, you'll learn how to align with your true self and find fulfillment in all aspects of your life. Say goodbye to burnout and hello to a life of purpose and passion. Let's start your journey today.


Rami is incredible! She gave a voice to everything that I felt intuitively. After our first session, I had the courage to follow through on my life purpose. - Karmen

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Mandy Sandhu

I have the utmost respect and love for Raminder. Her guidance along with genuine care and concern of her clients is truly life changing. I have had the privilege of working through many hardships and gaining a new understanding of my life through a lens I otherwise would have ignored.


Amrit Bains

The person who I am now (and becoming) compared to the person i was at the beginning of the year-- HUGE change, I myself cannot believe that I could get to where i am today mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And that is because of the work I did on myself ALONG with the support and coaching I was receiving from Rami.



I’m so glad I found this woman! She is indeed an exceptional healer, using her gifts to propel humanity and make this world a better place. The clarity and resonance I receive from her guidance is unlike many readings I’ve had before. She goes all in.

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