Raminder Kaur Hayre (RKH)  is a B.C. born litigator, psychic healer, and activist. In Punjabi, "Kaur" means Lioness, and "Singh" means Lion. You will commonly see Punjabis and/or Sikhs use these as middle or last names. The goal is to preserve the culture and religion without discrimination.

Raminder spent a lot of time becoming a lawyer and excelling in the legal industry, and with the grace and helpful nudge of Spirit, has taken on:


Redefining litigation through activism.
Defined in the gate of activism leads the purpose of being a spiritual advocate


This means that she is no longer taking on legal clients, and has started to make legal change through public advocacy, mentorship + coaching, spiritual guidance, speaking, and activism. You can scroll down to read about her prior legal experience.

The RKH services are listed here - you can book online.

Your personal spirit guide and torch bearer. 

Divine Feminine | Twinflame | Psychic | Empath | Starseed 

Raminder’s brand, “The RKH”, is an astrological business planning, and healing practice. She uses her knowledge of higher dimensions, energy, and “being able to read people” as a mechanism in creating deeper change that stays relevant far past a regular business plan or strategic call.

She wants to help every person that she can, break "out of the matrix" of the 9 to 5 mentality of burnout by focusing on their purpose and passion. Keeping in mind, that this may include redefining or adjusting your current job in the same or different field.

Her spiritual awakening began many years ago, and the catalyst to create these professional shifts started in 2019. Raminder’s connection with Spirit, empathy through the soul resonance with her clients + the world, as well as predictions and knowledge of human design, birth charts, and energy, help The RKH  brand stick out. Many clients love using tarot.

Raminder does public readings for collective energy on her blog, @the.rkh.

Spirit has gifted Raminder with one of the prominent positions of landing “new earth” in the physical. What is this? It is all of the shifts and changes we are seeing which were actually brought to consciousness by the pandemic, human rights movements, and now the breakdown of colonial and systemic structures.

The RKH brand helps show each individual the ways in which old structure keeps us, “in the matrix” of understanding life one way, when we are all born to succeed based on our soul.

Coaching with me involves looking at any topic of your choice. It does not have to be business planning. It often involves: career, love, family, intergenerational trauma, twin flame connections, divine love, life lessons, understanding consciousness + awakening, past lives, big shifts or change, and much more.


It’s time to take back your power and to use it to succeed.

In combination with the above, is the implementation of general professional guidance through the path of higher-education in sociology, business, and law. 

Are you tired of the “cookie cutter” business model? Do you feel that you are making little to no progress? Sick of people telling you to, “just do this or that” without making progress? Look no further.

Everything that we do, and anything we achieve, is based on our own energetic interactions with that business or opportunity. A lot of the time business plans do not cater their SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analyses on your own energy. This means the placements at the time that you were born, and how those play into your innate ability to manifest your dream business. More people are becoming receptive to their own energy as days go on, and these one-on-one sessions are aimed at helping you understand all of your amplified strengths and weaknesses.

Personally, Raminder grew up as a competitive and professional dancer (ages 3 to 21). She has danced across North America, and judged a competition in Australia. She loves cooking, reading up on new law, watching T.V., working out and being in nature. Her clients range from teenagers to ages 60+, where she uses her tools as a psychic healer and empath to help others ascend on their path to consciousness. 


The work as an empath strongly contributed to Raminder’s in strategy. “Reading the room” has come with a new meaning in the area of progressive activism and law, as well as healing.

Previous Legal Experience


Her practice mainly consisted of contractual disputes, civil litigation, defamation, coverage breaches, human rights, discrimination, and consulting on unconscious bias.  Please note that Raminder is not taking new legal clients on.


Raminder started her practice while articling at a small firm in Surrey, B.C. doing personal injury, and criminal defence work. During that time, she made daily appearances in the B.C. Provincial Court in matters including sentencing, fixed dates, bail hearings, traffic court, and procedural matters. After passing the bar, she moved to Vancouver to pursue ICBC fraud defence work, where she worked at a top regional firm in the breach and forfeiture department. She assisted in preparing for a few prominent staged accident trials. Other work included coverage disputes for faulty insurance, driver-switches, wage-loss fraud, and misrepresentation. Further to this, Raminder moved to a national insurance defence form where she practiced in a wide range of insurance defence claims including: property damage, personal injury, coverage, forfeiture, and subrogation claims. There she gained further experience in the BC Supreme Court, Human Rights Tribunal, and Civil Resolution Tribunal. 

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RKH Uses:

  • Intuition

  • Psychic Channelling

  • Human Design

  • Astrology

  • Tarot

  • Akashic (Past Life) Records

  • Practical Experience

  • Personal Experience

Please keep in mind that Raminder's not a certified healer and is self-taught. You can read the disclaimer here.


604 755 3466 


Law Society Admissions: 

British Columbia, 2018 


Juris Doctorate – Bond University (2016) 

Masters in Business – Bond University (2014) 

Bachelor of Arts, Sociology – University of British Columbia (2012) 


Allard Law, University of British Columbia 

  • Law students’ well-being mentor  


5X Festival 

  • Board of Director, Legal Representative, 2021 to present  


Canadian Bar Association of B.C. (CBABC) 

  • Equality and Diversity Committee Member, 2018 to 2021 

  • Equality and Diversity Committee Chair, 2019 to 2021 

  • Board of Directors, Equality Representative, 2020 to 2021 


South Asian Bar Association of B.C. (SABABC) 

  • Member, 2016 to present. 

  • Director, 2019 to 2020.  


Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (FACLBC) 

  • Mentor, 2019 to present.  

  • Member, 2017 to present.